AGV Corsa Turtle Rossi Helmet

AGV Corsa Valentino Rossi Turtle helmet (Mugello 2013)

AGV Corsa Turtle Rossi Helmet

MotoGP might be unpredictable, but one thing can always be counted on – Valentino Rossi will bring a custom helmet design to the Mugello MotoGP round, and it is usually worth the wait.

Over the years we have seen designs as iconic as ‘My Face‘, the ‘Icon‘ helmet, and many more, and in 2013, Rossi chose a turtle design as the subject for his Mugello helmet.

This helmet is also known as the “Tartaruga Mugello 2013” helmet or just simply “Tartaruga”. This helmet is a strictly Limited Edition in the COrsa range, but it can also be picked up in the more affordable AGV K3 range.

Designed by Aldo Drudi, the helmet features a giant cartoon turtle sat on the top of the helmet, with its eyes facing forwards.

The turtle was significant for a number of reasons – it was the first racing mascot that Valentino adopted when he was racing minimotos as a child, and he raced with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy stuck to the back of his helmet. Rossi also has a small turtle tattoo on his hip.

Valentino Rossi Mugello MotoGP 2013

The turtle design had another meaning, and it was intended as a joke to poke fun at the fact that Rossi had not been fast enough that season and that he was struggling to keep up with Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo, and Marc Marquez. There is a reference to this on the side of the helmet where four stick figures can be seen running in a group, with the one at the back in yellow (Valentino Rossi) trying to catch up with the other three.

This helmet design is now available in the excellent AGV Corsa range. The Corsa is a premium helmet that sits between the AGV K3 range and the top level Pista GP helmet. Think of the AGV Corsa as a super-sport helmet that takes some of the best race inspired elements from the Pista GP and gives them more flexibility, and the comfort that is required for a road helmet.

Official description of the “Tartaruga Mugello 2013” helmet:
The Corsa is a supersport helmet which combines the performance of the Pista GP with road-going characteristics such as adjustable ventilation and improved comfort without having to forget the performance standards of the GP version.

Fitted with a double-D retention system, the outer shell is made up of SSL layers (Aramid and glass fibers) and is available in four sizes. The design is intended to cut to the minimum any interference with the racing suit and protective hump and to optimize safety even at high speed.

The spoiler has been designed to detach from the helmet in the event of an accident to increase the passive safety of the helmet. The visor component area has been reduced by 71% compared with the GP Tech and this allows the space saved to be used to increase the thickness of the impact absorption material with all the safety benefits that brings. The visor can easily be removed as can the washable inner components. To provide improved comfort, the surfaces in direct contact with the head are seamless and the fit can be optimized with special additional padding to the cheeks and back of the neck. Designed to maximize comfort, ergonomics, safety and aerodynamics.

Made in Italy and protective of the environment: the Corsa is designed and made in Italy by highly qualified craftsmen using the very latest technology. These helmets are manufactured using the best technologies with great effort invested in protecting the environment. Waterjet technology is used to cut the carbon fiber shells, the painting system uses eco-compatible water-based paints and a dust suppression / residue treatment system is in operation throughout the entire factory.

Extreme Standards Helmets is the name of the revolutionary new range of AGV helmets which includes the Corsa. It is based on the “human engineering” concept and applies to a new design process which starts from the components that are in direct contact with the head and gradually progresses to the outer shell. As a result, the structural shapes imitate the area of contact, thus providing greater safety and smaller dimensions.


  • Shell: SSL (Super Super Light) in composite fiber, Aramid and carbon fiber.
  • Number of shells: 4 shell sizes.
  • Fabric: Breathable Lycra┬« lining and Shalimar┬« fabric with sanitizing treatment.
  • Liners: Fully removable and washable inner liners.
  • Ventilation system: IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with wide ducts hollowed into the shell.
  • Air vents with open / close mechanism.
  • Visor mechanism: XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) in metal with roto-translation opening. Visor front micro-lock system that reduces the risk of accidental opening in the event of an accident. Quick release system for tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds.
  • Race flat, Class 1 optical standards, non-scratch and anti-fog visor (4 layers) with wide field of vision suitable for tear-off strips.
  • Retention system: Double-D.
  • Removable nose guard.
  • Removable windproof chin strap protection.
  • Homologation: ECE 2205, AS / NZS, JIS, ECE / DOT.

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Be warned, this Valentino Rossi design in this Corsa range is a Limited Edition, so when stock is gone, then it really is gone. The good news is that the Tartaruga helmet design is also available in a regular edition in the more affordable K3 SV helmet range.

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