AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Turtle Helmet

AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Turtle Helmet

AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Turtle Helmet

The is the AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi ‘turtle’ helmet replica. It is also known as the ‘Tartaruga’ helmet, and it was worn by Valentino for the 2013 Mugello MotoGP.

2013 was the year that Valentino returned to Yamaha after a couple of unsuccessful seasons at Ducati. Rossi’s return to Yamaha was celebrated by the factory, but his initial performances on the bike Yamaha M1 at the start of the season were not up to the standards of his teammate Jorge Lorenzo. Rossi was solid enough, but he was struggling to break into the top 3 on a regular basis.

When the Mugello round came up on the calendar Rossi decided to poke fun at his lack of speed compared with Lorenzo, Pedrosa, and Marquez with this turtle helmet design.

The helmet design was created by Aldo Drudi and features a giant cartoon turtle which is perched on the top of the helmet, with big cartoon eyes facing ahead, just above the visor. The rear of the helmet featured Rossi’s two bulldogs and the usual number 46. In addition to the insinuation that the turtle is a slow animal, the helmet also has four small people on the sides chasing each other. The figure at the back is yellow, so therefore indicates that it is Rossi, who is chasing to keep up with the Orange, Blue and Red figures – representing Lorenzo, Marquez, and Pedrosa.

Valentino Rossi at Mugello 2013

The turtle also has a deeper meaning for Valentino Rossi and when he was a child racing Minimoto, Rossi used to have a stuffed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuck to the top of his helmet, and his fascination with the animal also led to him having a tattoo of the turtle done on his hip.

This is a bright and fun Rossi race replica which was originally made available as a limited edition in the more expensive AGV Corsa range, which has since sold out in most places. So it is great that AGV have now added it to their much more affordable AGV K3 SV range, which makes it much more available to the average rider who wants a great looking race replica for everyday street use without breaking the bank account.

Official description of the AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Turtle Helmet:
The AGV K3 SV is an exciting addition to the street/road collection of AGV helmets. This is a helmet to suit many riders: from the first time biker who wants a quality lid from day one, through to the more mature biker who is interested in balancing safety and performance on a budget. At such a sensible price, the AGV K3 SV really is an impressive lid.

The K-3 SV was developed from the experience AGV gained during the design process of the Pista GP and Corsa helmets. Thanks to the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEM), the technical department developed a benchmark product in terms of comfort, aerodynamics and safety. This helmet has a wide appeal and is suitable for young riders with a passion for racing as well as for more mature riders looking for comfort and high performance characteristics.


  • 2 sizes of HIR-TH external shell (High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin)
  • Inner shell in EPS in 4 sizes
  • Shell and EPS dimensions optimised using the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system.
  • Ventilation system designed and optimised in a wind tunnel, comprising 4 front vents (3 at the front and one on the chin guard) and 2 rear extractors;
  • XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) visor mechanism
  • For tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds.
  • Visor mechanism with PVS system (Perimetrical Visor Seal) for improved seal and protection against draughts and noise thanks to the seat for the visor edge.
  • GT2 (sizes ML-L-XL-XXL) and GT2-1 (sizes XS-SMS) visors in scratch resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate with 100% UV-ray protection
  • Integrated removable Sun Visor (ISV) with scratch-resistant visor with tool-free repla-cement system
  • Removable breath deflector
  • Removable windproof chin strap protection
  • Fully removable and washable 3D inner liners
  • Sanitised Dry-Comfort fabrics
  • Micrometrically adjustable strap retention system
  • Anti-theft ring on strap
  • Asian Fit option
  • With Pinlock Visor

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