K3 SV Valentino Rossi Dreamtime Helmet

AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Dreamtime helmet

AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Dreamtime helmet

This is the stunning Valentino Rossi ‘Dreamtime’ helmet design which is now available in the new AGV K3 SV range.

The Dreamtime design is definitely at the arty end of the spectrum when it comes to Rossi’s helmet designs – there are no cartoons, and no jokes or humour being poked at on this helmet, it is simply a beautiful Aldo Drudi design that use Aboriginal art as its inspiration.

The layout of the design is very similar to the Gothic design, where Valentino Rossi’s usual icons of a Sun and a Moon are positioned on either side of the helmet. Despite this similarity, the aesthetics are worlds apart, and the Sun and Moon are given a totally different treatment that is created in an intricate design that is full of detail and colour.

Rossi first debuted the Dreamtime helmet design in 2007 during the MotoGP test sessions that were held in Australia, and he also wore it for some races in the 2008 MotoGP season.

This is a beautiful design, and we are really pleased it is being made available in the AGV K3 SV range as you see lots of Rossi replica helmets on the roads, but the Dreamtime design is a rare one. That will probably change now that it is available in the affordable end of the AGV helmet range, so make sure you are at least one of the first out there with it!

The Dreamtime helmet was available for a short period in the AGV K3 range, but that has since been discontinued in favour of teh new AGV K3 SV model.

So what is the difference between the AGV K3 and the AGV K3 SV?: Not that much has changed. The K3 is phasing out in favour of the K3 SV which is basically the same model but with the addition of a built-in sun visor, hence the ‘SV’ lettering in the model name. Everything else that riders love about the K3 (price, quality, aggressive design, etc…) remain intact.

Dreamtime Valentino Rossi

The K3 SV is basically the ideal solution for a cost conscious rider – it is the entry level end of teh AGV range, but to be hinest, their definition of ‘entry level’ has a pretty high bar, with many features on the K3 SV that you find on the premium AGV ranges. It allows a rider to get a race style helmet that is suitable for everyday use that also has great performance at high speeds.

Official Description of the AGV K3 SV Dreamtime helmet:

The K-3 SV was developed from the experience AGV gained during the design process of the Pista GP and Corsa helmets. Thanks to the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEM), the technical department developed a benchmark product in terms of comfort, aerodynamics and safety. This helmet has a wide appeal and is suitable for young riders with a passion for racing as well as for more mature riders looking for comfort and high performance characteristics.

Thanks to CFD Analysis (Computational fluid dynamics), the special ventilation system provides maximum airflow to the head through two front and side vents, one central vent and two extractors at the back of the helmet.

The sanitized Dry-Comfort internal components can be removed for washing. The mechanism for opening and closing the visor has three customisable settings according to helmet use (Touring, Race and City) and features the XQRS system for quick removal.

The K-3 SV has been designed to accept the new integrated communication.

  • 2 sizes of HIR-TH shell (High Resistance Thermoplastic Resin)
  • Inner shell in EPS in 4 sizes; shell and EPS dimensions optimised using the FEM (Finite Elements Analysis) system
  • Homologation: ECE 2205, DOT, JIS, NBR, AS/NZS
  • Ventilation system designed and optimised in a wind tunnel, comprising 4 front vents (3 at the front and one on the chin guard) and 2 rear extractors
  • XQRS (X-tra Quick Release System) visor mechanism for tool-free removal and replacement of the visor in seconds
  • Visor mechanism with PVS system (Perimetrical Visor Seal) for improved seal and protection against draughts and noise thanks to the seat for the visor edge
  • Visor micro-opening system
  • GT 2 scratch-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate visor with 100% protection from UV rays
  • Integrated removable Sun Visor (ISV) with scratch-resistant visor with tool-free replacement system
  • Removable breath deflector
  • Removable windproof chin strap protection
  • Fully removable and washable 3D inner liners
  • Sanitised Dry-Comfort fabrics
  • Micrometrically adjustable strap retention system
  • Anti-theft ring on strap
  • Share System Ready
  • Weight: E2205: 1,470g (+/- 50g) in size MS

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AGV K-3 Valentino Rossi Dreamtime Helmet

AGV K-3 Valentino Rossi Dreamtime Helmet

AGV K-3 Valentino Rossi Dreamtime Helmet

This is the AGV K3 Valentino Rossi Dreamtime helmet.

This is one of Valentino Rossi’s more intricate and detailed designs. The Dreamtime helmet was first worn as a helmet during the 2007 Australian test sessions. It was also used on sporadic occasions during the 2008 MotoGP season.

The helmet design is based on Aboriginal art techniques, and features the usual Valentino Rossi ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ motifs on either side of the helmet. The detail on the Sun and Moon is very complicated and intense, with each ray of the Sun dotted with coloured detail – the Moon is detailed in a similar fashion.

The rear of the helmet features a turtle logo in a white circle.

This is a very special Valentino Rossi helmet that was originally released in the high-end AGV GP-Tech range, so it is a welcome sight to see the design being made available in the affordable AGV K3 helmet range. This isn’t a lid you see out on the streets that often, so it is a nice design to pick up if you want a Rossi replica helmet that is a bit different to what the bulk of bikers are riding around in. It is also a very subtle and eye-catching design for a Valentino Rossi graphic – which are usually much more frenetic and laced with humor.

Dreamtime helmet valentino rossi

The AGV K3 helmet range is AGV’s entry level full face helmet design for everyday road use and is designed to offer a rider on a budget the experience of owning a premium product

Official Description of the AGV K3 Dreamtime helmet:

The K3 uses AGV’s well proven HIR-TH (high resistant thermoplastic) resin shell construction, this shell is very strong and has excellent shock absorbing properties, however the manufacturing process is much quicker and simpler than an equivalent fibreglass shell. This ultimately is reflected in the price of the helmet enabling riders on a budget to have an exceptionally safe and well made product at the fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a premium branded helmet. Using AGV’s CAD design process the inner E.P.S. shell is made of different densities, to match the properties of the outer shell, giving the K3 excellent safety characteristics. Also the shape of the shell reflects the aerodynamic design of the range topping GP-Tech whilst being focused on the needs of the rider on the road; reduced wind noise and excellent stability at speed. The K3 is equipped with twin front ram air intake vents, and an aerodynamic rear spoiler/extractor. There are also vents on the side to aid extraction of warm air from around the face area, and a large chin vent to aid visor de misting. The K3 is equipped with AGV’s street8 visor. The visor features the XQRS (extra quick release system) enabling visor changes in seconds without the need for tools.

The street8 visor also features the NFS (no fog shield) anti fog coating, an anti scratch coating and offers 100% protection from UV light. The K3 has a fully removable washable lining (both cheekpads and head lining). The liners are made from Dri-Lex, this liner has excellent wicking properties keeping the rider comfortable and dry, even in the extreme conditions. The linings are also treated with a hygienic antibacterial coating for prolonged freshness. The K3 is also fitted with a Micro-Metric buckle for ease of use with a range of adjustment. The K3 is also available in the K3 basic version, this model still features all the K3’s safety features without some of the luxury features to keep the cost incredibly low.


  • HIR-TH (high resistant thermoplastic) resin shell
  • Multi Density E.P.S. inner shell.
  • Dynamic ventilation system, aerodynamic front intakes and rear extractors
  • Fully removable, washable Dri-Lex lining with Sanitized antibacterial hygienic treatment. (K3 basic; Dry comfort liner replaces Dri-Lex)
  • Street8 visor, with NFS anti fog coating, anti scratch and 100% UV protection. (K3 basic no anti fog coating)
  • XQRS; Extra Quick Release System, visor changing in seconds with no tools.
  • PVS Perimetrical visor seal (improved sealing and low noise).
  • Micro-metric adjustable retention system. (K3 basic seat belt style buckle)
  • Aerodynamic rear spoiler/extractor. (K3 basic no rear spoiler)
  • Removable chin curtain (K3 only)
  • Removable nose protector (K3 only)
  • S.H.A.R.P. 4 stars
  • ACU gold
  • Exceeds UN ECE 22.05
  • 2 year warranty plus optional free 1 year warranty extension

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