AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Elements helmet

AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Elements helmet

AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Elements helmet

This is the AGV K3 SV Valentino Rossi Elements helmet.

The SV is the updated entry in the K3 range – the affordable, entry level helmet from AGV. This is the ‘Elements’ design that Valentino Rossi first wore when he joined Ducati for his ill-fated 2 year stint for the Italian team. The design was first released in the GP-tech range, and it is now available in the much more reasonably priced K3 SV range.

The graphics were created by Aldo Drudi, and it is based on Rossi’s long-standing Sun & Moon motif, whilst incorporating the four elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire into the design.

The front of the helmet features a bold sun, with the rays spreading back towards the rear of the helmet. Each of the rays is filled with an image representing the elements, water, fire earth, and wind. The rear of the helmet features a crescent moon with the number ’46’ positioned in the middle of it. It is an eye-catching and colourful design.

Despite being the helmet design that Rossi wore for some of his least successful seasons in MotoGP, the Elements graphic design is still one of the most popular Valentino Rossi helmet designs, so it is great to see it available in AGV K3 SV range.

Valentino Rossi Ducati

So what is the difference between the AGV K3 and the AGV K3 SV?: Not that much has changed. The K3 is phasing out in favour of the K3 SV which is basically the same model but with the addition of a built-in sun visor, hence the ‘SV’ lettering in the model name. Everything else that riders love about the K3 (price, quality, aggressive design, etc…) remain intact.

The fact that the K3 SV is the cheapest model in the AGV range should not cause too much concern, as it is still a high-quality helmet that is great for everyday street and road riding. The fact that it looks sleek and aggressive and you can get genuine race replica designs is simply an added bonus and a cost effective way to get a great looking lid. There is a reason why the AGV K3 SV is selling helmets by AGV, thousands of riders can’t be wrong.

Official Description for the AGV K3 SV Elements helmet:

The K-3 SV was developed from the experience AGV gained during the design process of the Pista GP and Corsa helmets. Thanks to the use of FEM (Finite Element Analysis), the technical department developed a benchmark product in terms of comfort, aerodynamics and safety. This helmet has a wide appeal and is suitable for young riders with a passion for racing as well as for more mature riders looking for comfort and high performance characteristics. The modern aerodynamic design of the shell has the same characteristics as the most recent AGV models.

  • SHELL HIR-TH (High Resistant ThermoPlastic Resin) outer shell. The K-3 SV is available in XS to XXL sizes with two differing outer shell sizes.
  • VENTILATION The IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) was designed using CFD analysis and features ducts hollowed into the shell for improved air circulation inside the helmet and better aerodynamic efficiency. Two front air vents at the sides work with a new larger central vent to provide a constant flow of cool air inside the helmet. The rear extractors use ducts hollowed into the EPS to remove hot, moist air from inside the helmet.
  • VISOR The new GT 2 visor has been treated as standard with special scratch resistant and anti-fog processes. It also offers 100% protection against UV rays. The new visor edge on this model offers a better seal and protection from draughts and noise. The visor also features a new micro-opening system which is easily operated from a button on the chin guard. The K-3 SV also comes with an anti-fog, scratch-resistant, tinted, internal sun visor that can be removed for cleaning and replacement without the use of tools.
  • INNER LINERS The inner liners can be removed and washed and are made from a sanitised Dry-Comfort fabric to prevent the formation of bacteria and the onset of allergies. This fabric contributes to the rapid dispersal of dampness from the skin, the absorption of excess sweat and ensures the rider stays fresh even over long periods of time.
  • FUNCTIONALITY/SAFETY The mechanism for opening and closing the visor has three customisable settings according to helmet use (Touring, Race and City) and features the XQRS system for quick removal. The retention system has a Double-D ring and an anti-theft ring. The K-3 SV comes ready for connection with the new SHARE communication platform.

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